Tavel with us into the most recent conflict in Irish history. Journey through the narrow streets of Belfast where battles raged,  communities were divided and heroes were born. See the battle scarred streets, stand in the shadow of the largest peace wall in Belfast and write your own message of peace upon it.

Travel in style and comfort in your very own London style taxi cab, the most sought after mode of transport to tour in; hear the story of how the taxi cabs arrived in Belfast.

We make our way through the famous Falls Road area, were bullet holes can still be seen adorning the many buildings on the route, with a vast array of murals and stories to be told, this will set the scene for the rest of your tour.

Your local guide with regale you with many stories of first hand accounts of living life through conflict. Visit the Sinn Fein head quarters in West Belfast and because of our local contact you may be introduced to many who frequent it, from politicians,  jail escapees to peace negotiators.

The middle ground will take us to the peace wall, a half mile structure that stands guard over both communities. Tens of thousands of visitors have signed their names upon it, Bill Clinton and the Dalai Lama included.

Moving onwards into the Shankill neighbourhood to hear the narrative of this proud community. All the while we will stop off and take photographs of the most famous murals in the world.

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